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Have you been searching for a flexible, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to liquid coats and anodization? Look no further than Kamloops Powder Coatings! We offer a comprehensive selection of versatile and durable powders in our inventory and through our vast supply chain. Our skills are tailored to the specifications of your project, ensuring consistently outstanding results. We pride ourselves on unmatched customer service, and will go the extra mile to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

What is powder coating?

The powder mixture is comprised of finely ground pigment and resin, which is then sprayed onto a surface. The particles are pneumatically pushed through our Nordson PC guns which give an electric charge causing them to adhere to the grounded surface material (substrate). After being exposed to the heat of our 21ft industrial oven, the powder is fused into a uniform, durable and attractive finish. Cured powder coatings can achieve great results on a wide variety of surfaces, making it an ideal choice for many projects.

The process explained

Powder coatings are based on polymer resin systems, which, along with curatives, pigments, leveling agents, flow modifiers (and other additives), are melt-mixed, cooled and grounded into a homogeneous powder similar to baking flour. The powder is applied via a process called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD). The particles of the powder compound become electrically charged, and are subsequently attracted towards a grounded substrate. The coated object is then placed into a curing oven, causing a chemical reaction to take place that yields a high cross-link density (making the resulting finish very resistant to breakdown).

Superior durability

Powder coating has set the industry standard for the longevity and color-durability of finishing products. Exposure to impacts, chemicals, UV light and extreme weather elements can all take a heavy toll on liquid paint finishes, necessitating recoats and repairs. That’s why you’ll find powder coating in thousands of applications from heavy machinery to household items, since it significantly reduces the risk of scratching, chipping, abrasion, corrosion, and fading. Kamloops Powder Coatings provides marine-grade compounds that will retain structural integrity and the vibrancy of their pigments for many years longer than the alternatives.

Unparalleled versatility

The number of available colors is almost endless. Our powder suppliers have in-house labs where they can exactly match their pigments to nearly every color – all that is needed is a color swatch. The choice of textures is extensive, including fine-textured, peeled, matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss, low-gloss, metallic, wrinkled or rough hammertones. You can just as easily hide imperfections in the substrate as you can accentuate its beauty. Additionally, powder coatings can be applied to a wide variety of metallic substrate materials allowing it to find use in a truly impressive variety of applications.

Environmentally friendly

Powder coating is highly protective of the environment. While liquid finishes generally contain nearly 80% solvents that have heavy pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Kamloops Powder Coatings offer a product that involve no solvents and release negligible (if any) VOCs into the atmosphere. Any overspray that doesn’t adhere to the substrate can be retrieved and reused, virtually eliminating waste.

Good for business

As we don’t have to invest in expensive pollution control equipment, we can pass the savings onto you. Our eco-friendly processes are also good for business. Legislation controlling air pollution and waste product has become ever more stringent over the past 30 years and have significantly increased over the past 10 years. Our solutions will help your company comply more easily with government regulations. Think Green!

Perfectly suited to a vast variety of applications

Since its introduction to North American markets over 40 years ago, powder coating has become one of the fastest-growing finishing solutions in the industry, holding over 15% market share today. The versatility and durability for the cost are the determining factor in this remarkable success. Kamloops Powder Coatings offers the TIGER Drylac® Series 38 Super Durable Architectural Powder, which can be found in a truly vast variety of applications, including:
  • Heavy machinery for agriculture, construction
  • Stadium seating and sporting equipment
  • Park furniture and playgrounds
  • Marine and automotive equipment
  • Railings, fencing and gates
  • Oil, gas and renewable energy industries
  • Automotive
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • …and much, much more!

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