in Kamloops, BC

The durability and appearance of your powder coat finish are determined in no small part by the quality of the substrate it bonds to. The more uniform the surface is, the better the charged coating particles will adhere to it. Kamloops Powder Coatings offers reliable in-house sandblasting services to compliment our outstanding powder coating processes. We have the equipment to sandblast metal products of any size or shape, ensuring that your powder coating goes on great, every time!

The sandblasting process in short

We utilize a very fine type of sand called Envirogrit to remove abrasive paints, rust or grit from metal objects. Envirogrit is silica free, environmentally friendly (made from recycled glass), and the healthiest choice while offering excellent cutting power to SP10 specification. For finer objects, we use Kleenblast sand in our bead blaster, which leaves behind a very smooth finish that is ideal for powder coating.
We can serve your needs on an hourly rate, or we can include it in your powder coating preparation.


in the BC Interior

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